Southern California Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Providing timeless, romantic, and elegant images.

"Greg made the whole experience so easy and fun, and the pictures exceeded our expectations!" ~Tyler

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." Arrigo Boito

Call or text me at 714-875-3306 to discuss your event!
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Delivering Timeless and Elegant Images

I am Greg Sincock, a professional Southern California wedding and portrait photographer, located in Orange County. I grew up in this area, and following a short time living out-of-state, returned to raise my family in this place I love.


I've been photographing beautiful things since I bought my first film camera in high school, and my passion for capturing important moments grew as I watched my kids grow. Over time I came to understand the artistry of using light and composition to make beautiful images that tell a story.

My Expertise

Planning a wedding can be exciting, but it can also be stressful, filled with countless choices and costly decisions. The colors; the decorations; the style, type, and location of flowers; the guests; the appetizers or food. Selecting vendors you trust and feel comfortable working with will allow you to have confidence that your wedding day will come together as you've been dreaming.


The combination of my many years of diligent practice and excellent experience means I am able to anticipate challenges, and properly respond to the unexpected. I am a photographer that takes time with my clients, and prepares for their unique event. I purposefully limit the number of weddings I shoot so I can provide a tailored experience that results in timeless, elegant images of those very special moments of your wedding day.